You are invited to SA's best beach tournament! 
Big Kev's annual beach tournament is on again this year, the day of SAFDA's awards night. Grab some mates and make a team for an awesome day of beach frisbee fun. All skill levels welcome. Mixed teams, ratio preferably 3:2 or 4:1 if…

Hi SA Ultimate!

Grand Finals time.

6:15 - Field 1 - Div 2 Grand Final: Crack Pot (FU2) vs TBA 2 (jodie palmer)
6:15 - Field 2 - Div 1 5th Place Playoff: D in the Box (AU1) vs Shorts
6:15 - Field 3 - Div 2 3rd Place Playoff: Floppy…

In addition to the NE Vista High School Ultimate Gala day, SA Ultimate will also be running a Southern High School Ultimate Gala day for schools in the Southern and fleurieu zones.

Date: 20th of November 9:30am - 2:30

Location: Seaford Secondary College

If you can spare some time and you…

Hi SA Ultimate

So here's a final table:
(Fixed an earlier error)

Div 1 Played Wins Loses Draws GF GA Win% Goal%
New Era 11 11 0 0 140 80 100 175
Ego 12 9 3 0 142 90 75 158
Ultimate Evolution - Moth 12 7 5 0 116 123…

The Zig Theory Throwvember days start tomorrow 4-6pm at Adelaide High, West Tce, across the road from On The Run. This is a great chance for the women of SA Ultimate to get to know each other and play some fun games to get us into the women's season spirit. Females…

Calling for nominations for SAFDA awards!

It’s that time of year again where we recognise those players that have been outstanding on the field, shown substantial improvement or demonstrated a considerable commitment to improving SA Ultimate. To best do this, we need your help and nominations.

The following awards are given…

The current SAFDA secretary Claire Dowling has had to step down from her position on the board due to other commitments.
We thank Claire for the hard work she has put in over the past few months.

The SAFDA Secretary is a very important role for the organisation of the board…

SAFDA is proud to announce its 3rd annual North East Vista High School Ultimate Gala Day.

Date: 28th of November 9:30 - 2:30

Location: Roma Mitchell Secondary College

The tournamnet which has been running since 2012 for year 8 to 10 students has been a great success in spreading Ultimate into the…

There are 12 SA players who are trying out for the U23s Australian Open, Womens and Mixed teams at the Melbourne selection camp this weekend (31st Oct. - 2nd Nov.) Sucessful candidates will have the opportunity to compete in the WFDF 2015 World U23 Ultimate Championships.

The players attending the selction…

Hi SA Ultimate,

It seems there are still a lot of teams who have unregistered people playing each week.
As of week 5 a rule was brought in 'No Pay = No Play'. We have been very lenient on this, hoping that teams would ensure they had all their players registered.…