Picture of Tim Davis
Tim Davis
Adelaide, SA

Open League: Hat teams

Hi guys. 

Starting this Wednesday 27th the 2nd half of open league will begin.
I think everyone will have got an email, letting them know of the team change, as everyone has been moved from their original team into their new team for the remainder of the league. Go see who…

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Danielle Stringer
Adelaide, SA

Winter Ball RSVP

Hi everyone,

Please see the Winter Ball event page (http://safda.ult.cc/e/winter-ball-2015) for details about the night and how to RSVP through the website. There is also further information/instructions about payment if you want access to the subsidised drinks tab. RSVP by June 10th at the latest :)

Let me know if you have…


The 2015 Australian Youth Ultimate Championships are just around the corner on June 6th-7th in Sydney.

SAFDA is proud to announce the following people who have been selected to lead South Australia in their inaugural campaign.

U18 Boys Head Coach - Andy Badics

U18 Team Manager - Tasman Mitchell 

Interested players born…


Division 2 Finals start this week in the late time slot at Ignatius.

Here's how the finals will be structured:

There will be 2 weeks for finals. Try REALLY hard not to pay out my MS-Paint skills.

Hey Ladies, 

 After a two week break due to Nationals and two teams forfeiting last week, finals are now upon us!I I hope everyone is well rested, and ready for a big game of Ultimate! 

Games are on at 8:15 PM at the Lutheran Fields as usual. 

Based on the attendance…