Payments are due prior to the 4th week of games through the website. Should you not have signed up yet, you will be asked to register before continuing with your game.

Also here is the planned format for the league:


Div 1

Div 2


Round 1

Round 1…

League will not be on this Wednesday as we send off our girls team, Zig Theory and our boys team, Outbreak to the 2015 Nationals Tournament this weekend in Perth. See you all on the fields next Wednesday, and goodluck to everyone heading to Perth!

Picture of Tim Davis
Tim Davis
Adelaide, SA

Beach Nationals

The Australian Beach Ultimate Championships is here (well almost) and registration has just opened up! The tournament is open to all mixed teams who want to play, no qualifiers necessary. Sign up and compete for the national title of beach ulti on the Gold Coast!

Read all about it here -…

Picture of Tim Davis
Tim Davis
Adelaide, SA

SA Disc Golf Open

Hey everyone, I've been chatting with luke from SA Disc Golf and they have a tournament coming up in a bit over a month.
They'd love to have some of us out there, getting more cohesion between the 2 sports.
I know some of you out there are big disc golf…

Team 1: Team 2:  Team 3: Team 4:
Jodie Palmer Melinda Tea Ailsa Enting-Hawke Ash Foley
Diana Schmalzried Ali Begg Danielle Woods Narelle Mailo
Jo Gard Sarah Doucet  Catherine Coope Fran Wilby
Hannah Empen Kelly Fernandez Taryn Ryan Heidi Dukovac
Steph Horwood Anna Kolodina Georgie Custance Yi Min Ho
Madeleine Smith…